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BASC in the World

BASC Presence:

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WBO Member Countries: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estados Unidos, Guatemala, México, Panamá, Perú, República Dominicana, Venezuela.
Certified Companies in Non-BASC Countries Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay and Uruguay.
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Organizations and customs that support BASC


vineta World Customs Organization
vineta Organization of American States (OAS)
vineta United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
vineta International Chamber of Commerce
vineta American Chambers of Commerce
vineta Latin American Logistics Association
vineta Cross-Border Research Institute


vineta Customs Services of Spain
vineta Directorate of Customs and Indirect Rights of France
vineta Dominican Republic Customs Service
vineta Ecuador Customs Service
vineta General Administration of Customs of Mexico
vineta General Directorate of Customs of Argentina
vineta General Directorate of Customs of Costa Rica
vineta General Directorate of Customs of Panama
vineta General Directorate of Customs Services of Nicaragua
vineta General Directorate of Internal Taxation of El Salvador
vineta Integrated National Customs and Tax Administration of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
vineta Italian Customs Agencies
vineta National Customs Service of Bolivia
vineta National Customs Service of Paraguay
vineta National Tax and Customs Administration of Colombia
vineta Uruguay Customs Services
vineta US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Other institutions:

vineta ALADI of Costa Rica
vineta AMACHAM Costa Rica
vineta American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic
vineta Costa Rica Chamber of Exporters
vineta Dominican Republic Businessmen National Council
vineta Dominican Republic Competitive National Council
vineta Dominican Republic Exporting and Investments Council
vineta Dominican Republic National Drug Control Council
vineta French Customs Representation for South America in Uruguay
vineta French Embassy in Uruguay
vineta Mexican Council of Foreign Trade, Commerce, Investments, and Technology
vineta National Police of Colombia
vineta National Port Administration of Uruguay
vineta OAS Office in Uruguay - Proexport Colombia
vineta Spanish Embassy in Uruguay
vineta Uruguay Economy and Finance Ministry
vineta Uruguay Exporters Union
vineta Uruguay Industry, Energy, and Mining Ministry
vineta Uruguay National Association of Customs Dispatchers
vineta Uruguay National Prefecture (PNN)
vineta Uruguay Technological Laboratory
vineta US Embassy in the Dominican Republic
vineta US Embassy in Uruguay


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