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Admission Requirements and Procedures

The companies interested in being admitted into BASC must decide in which chapter they will request their affiliation. In order to apply in a chosen city, the company must have its main or a branch office or any type of operating process that may be assessed by the chapter in the city where the application is submitted.

In case there is no BASC Chapter in the country, the company shall request the certification through the WBO.


  1. Be a company or a person actively involved in logistics, production or service activities related to foreign trade or services.
  2. Each company must be legally established and have commercial activities in the country, as well as overseas, that will permit the validation of the integrity of the firm and their partners and directors. Also, the company should not have any criminal record or considered to have by any national or foreign authorities a suspicious person and/or dubious legal or criminal reputation.
  3. Comply with the registration process approved by each chapter according to the procedure set by the WBO.


  1. Submit an application request and registration form attached with the requested documents to the Board of Directors of the respective chapter. Provide any other data or documentation required for proper evaluation of the admission request.
  2. Based on the review of the application and documents, the Board of Directors, or executive committee, will decide whether to continue the application process. Once the application request is approved, a security audit will be coordinated to verify whether the minimum standards required by BASC are in place. The audit team shall prepare a written report with the necessary recommendations.
  3. Based on the audit, the Chapter or executive committee shall determine whether the applicant company should be admitted as a BASC member. The applicant shall be classified as:

    Certified: Those companies which comply with the BASC Management and Security Control System.

    Interim or in-process: Those companies that need to implement the BASC Management and Security Control System in order to continue the audit certification procedure.
  4. Once the company is approved to join BASC, it shall implement all recommendations and policies set by the BASC Chapter.

The certification is valid for one year, and as such, the companies are evaluated yearly in order to verify the continuous implementation and improvement of the BASC Management and Security Control System.

The Chapter has no obligation to explain a determination of non-conformity or disapproval of an admission request.

Certification Procedure for Companies in Non-BASC Countries



Search for more information on selection and certification procedures. (Document PDF).

Self Evaluation on Business Protection
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Certification procedure for organizations in non BASC countries
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