World BASC Organization

BASC Governance


World BASC Organization and its National and Regional Chapters

The BASC Organization develops its work based on the World BASC Organization policy and the operation of the National and Regional Chapters.

World BASC Organization


General Assembly

The WBO General Assembly is the highest authority of the Organization. National BASC Chapters represented by their presidents make presence at this level.

BASC National Chapters, Honorary Members, the Chairman of the WBO Board of Directors (who presides it), the International President of WBO and the Executive Director of WBO participate in the General Assembly. The Ordinary General Assembly meets annually in order to outline the work plans and budget for the year and years to come.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directores is the administrative, governing and representating body of the World BASC Organization. The Board formulates, directs and controls WBO policy. The Board of Directors is composed of five Ad-honorem representatives from BASC member countries and they are elected for a period of two (02) years.

The Board of Directors has sufficient authority to order any act falling within the scope of the WBO and to take the necessary decisions in order for the Organization to fulfill its purposes.


International President

The International President of WBO is the official who is responsible for leading the Organization, guiding the fulfillment of the strategic objectives, international relations, consolidation of the global name and the globa cooperation network with Chapters and supporting entities as well as the fulfillment of the strategic goals and objectives set by the General Assembly and Board of Directors.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the administration of the business subject to the law, the Bylaws, Regulations of the General Assembly and the WBO Board of Directors.

The International President and the Executive Director count on the support a profesional staff dedicated to work hand in hand with WBo leadership to fulfill the purposes of the World BASC Organization.

World BASC Organziation’structure is applied similiraly in each of the BASC Chapter and countries.