World BASC Organization

Erik Moncayo newest addition to the World BASC Organization Leadership as Executive Director.

Erik Moncayo, WBO Executive Director.
Erik Moncayo, WBO Executive Director.

The Board of Directors of the World BASC Organization has appointed Mr. Erik Moncayo as the new Executive Director, World BASC Organization, located in Miami, Florida.

Erik Moncayo expressed through his first official letter to the WBO organization, that he could not be more excited to join the World BASC Organization: “It’s an honor and a privilege to be asked to help lead such a world-class and important organization.”

Moncayo has dedicated a great part his professional career to the service of the federal government of the United States, where he worked for U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in different positions with responsibility over border security, intelligence and analysis, international relations, employee training and development, and organizational design and management, among others. Mr. Moncayo holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (summa cum laude) from Columbia Southern University.

“One of the most rewarding memories of my career was always my relationship with the WBO. I have always had an enormous admiration for the WBO, its people, and its mission.”Mr. Moncayo said.

In his last role as Deputy acting Assistant Commissioner for CBP’s Office of International Affairs (INA), Erik Moncayo led the planning of short and long-range strategies, activities, and projects with national and international impact. He strengthened the relationship between BASC and CBP first-hand, as a CBP Attaché in Panama and Mexico, where he created close relations and collaborated closely with BASC in these countries, reinforcing the execution of CBP’s mission and cooperation.

In the upcoming weeks, Moncayo will meet with BASC’s different stakeholders, such as the WBO Board of Directors, Executive Directors from BASC chapters and staff.

World BASC Organization wishes Erik Moncayo success in his new position and extends to him a warm welcome on behalf of our WBO Board of Directors, chapter directors, BASC companies, and staff at WBO Headquarters.